Thank You For Coming To My TED Tonks (Book 5, Chapter 6)

Continuing his slow and steady pace through Book 5, Kev determined ‘The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black’ to be worthy of its own episode this week! Join your hosts as they dive into the musty old tapestry containing the (very racist and terrible) Black Family, find out what McGonagall wears on her days off, and learn why Kev is surprisingly anti-Buckbeak these days (a fact Amanda may use as grounds for divorce). Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

50 Shades of Lupin (Book 5, Chapter 5)

The titular chapter yielded enough mystery, yelling, and spilled Butterbeer to inspire Kev to stop reading and your hosts to tackle their first single-chapter episode of Book 5. Oh, and they’re sleep deprived. This could get weird. Plus, conflabs, a discussion about the proliferation of unregistered animagi, and Kev's history as a candy thief and almost accidental arsonist. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Human Disaster (Book 5, Chapters 3-4)

Now that Kev knows the location of the Headquarters of The Order of The Phoenix, it’s time for some new faces, some reunions, and some good old-fashioned Percy-shaming. What’s Amanda’s major flaw? Will Kev successfully remember the term ‘metamorphmagus’ (he won’t)? And which one of The Wilsons once saw a tattooed penis? Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

O Captain, My Captain (Book 5, Chapters 1-2)

With a brand new and very angsty Harry, some incredibly interesting new info about Petunia, and Kev's brand-new fanfiction idea, Season 5 has begun! What character does Amanda harbor a secret love for? In what way is Harry already showing signs of PTSD? And can The Wilsons keep it together about Dudley's new nickname (spoiler alert: no they cannot)? Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Episode of Requirement: The Wilsons Try To Earn UK and Australian Citizenship

Before The Wilsons crack the spine of Book 5, Manager of Mischief Josh Bailey is quizzing them to see if they know enough about the UK and Australia to earn citizenship to either or (dare they dream?) both. Which slang phrase broke Amanda’s brain? What blunder brought Roller Coaster shame to Kev? And how did The Wilsons inadvertently cause a Civil War in the very nation they are trying to enter? Note: **In one of the slang questions, a typing error changed “Pig In a Ginnel” to “Big In a Ginnel”- we realized it after recording but rest assured, we know now that it was an error. Whoops. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Dumblegore's Revenge: The Kevlawney Prophecy Round-Up of Book 4

It’s that time again! Time to revisit the wise seeings of Professor Kevlawney as he navigated through Goblet of Fire for the first time. How many prophecies proved that his inner eye was calibrated correctly, and how many prove that the tea leaves were nothing more than the shadows from Sam Elliott’s mustache? Also, why is so much of this episode done as Sam Elliott? Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

But Wait, Where's Winky?: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (The Movie)

This week your hosts are braving the Bagman and Winky-less World of the Goblet of Fire movie. Amanda’s got director fun-facts, Kev’s got life lessons, and both have a lot of opinions. What had Kev outraged within the first 5 minutes? What did The Wilsons find the most visually impressive? Who was perfectly cast and who should have fired their acting coach? Find out this week. Plus: Amanda and Kev give the Hollywood big-shots some budgeting advice Matthew McConaughey drops by Your hosts picks for recasting Cinematic Marriage Lessons And much, much more… Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Blood Money (Conclusion of Book 4)

The long, paranoid, and tear-laden journey of Goblet of Fire comes to a conclusion this week as your hosts finish Book 4. Join The Wilsons this week as they raise a glass for Cedric Diggory, bid farewell to Fleur and Cookie Monster Krum, and revel in Punk Rock Anarchist Hermione Granger. There is absolutely no need for the amount of singing in this episode, and why does Kevin Bacon have no pants? Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Gloria Delacour (Book 4, Chapter 36)

Hope you all are ready for some tears, because “The Parting of the Ways” tore your hosts’ sweet little hearts apart this week. How is Harry’s trauma showing and what does it have to do with mice brains? What Disney Princess does Amanda resemble when sleeping? And how differently could all of this turned out if the Goblet had selected a Slytherin champion? All this and much more in this week’s tear-soaked episode. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Daddy Issues (Book 4, Chapters 34-35)

Now that Kev knows the truth about who put Harry’s name in the GOBLET OF FIYAH (hint: not Bagman), The Wilsons are sipping and savoring all of the glorious tea spilled by J-J-J-Joonyah. What moments brought your hosts to tears, what insane US/UK edition discrepancy was discovered while recording, and what is the point of contention that may actually lead to The Wilsons’ divorce? Find out this week. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Once Upon A Time, I Tried To Kill A Baby (Book 4, Chapter 33)

Considering Voldy is back in all his showy and verbose AF glory, The Wilsons have plenty to discuss with Chapter 33, The Death Eaters . Who are Kev’s most likely suspects as Big V’s “faithful servant at Hogwarts”? Which Death Eater is just not having a good day? And what’s this about a Muppet Orphanage? Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

The Ancient and Noble House of Black: A Conversation with J'Neia Stewart of The House of Black Podcast

This week, The Wilsons are taking break from Goblet of Fire to talk to J’Neia Stewart, host of the podcast The House of Black . In her show, J’Neia speaks candidly about race, gender, politics, and everything in between as a black fan of a series often portrayed as pervasively white. You can find The House of Black anywhere you get your podcasts, and you can follow J’Neia and the show on Twitter (and her brand-new Instagram account!)- @houseofblackpod! Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

The Spare (Book 4, Chapters 31-32)

Against the backdrop of a very heavy week in the US, your hosts are tackling a true pivot point in the Harry Potter series. What are they finding in these two chapters about fair play, micro aggressions, and people being viewed as “spare”? Also, if you’ve been wondering when Harry becomes Rambo, or dying for an Amanda Sphinx impression, your wait is over! Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

We're In The Future Also (Book 4, Chapters 29-30)

In what the Potter Virgin of the duo has dubbed the “chapters that have fully solidified his place in the fandom”, The Wilsons are tackling “The Dream” and “The Pensieve” this week. And while there is plenty of dark and twisted material to cover, Potterheads know this may well be Kev’s last stop before the series becomes the full-on Heartbreak Express. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

MAZE. (Book 4, Chapter 28)

‘The Madness of Mr. Crouch’ gets it’s own episode this week, because quite frankly things are getting batshit up in here. Your hosts are debating Hermione’s continued house-elf advocacy, wondering where Hogwarts students go for illicit activities, wishing they could snuggle Nifflers, and dissecting Crouch’s very strange and sudden reappearance. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Crouching Barty, Hidden Bagman (Book 4, Chapters 26-27)

The Wilsons have swam with the merpeople and enjoyed some serious gossip with a cave-dwelling Sirius Black, and this week they’re processing it all. Kev has emerged from these two chapters with thoughts about Merchieftainess Murcus, a brand new vocal styling for one character, and more suspicions than ever of an ever-growing list of people. Don’t worry, Amanda’s lips are sealed. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Hide Nor Hair Nor Hagrid (Book 4, Chapters 24-25)

This week, The Wilsons are covering two chapters- one of which Kev has declared his “favorite chapter of the series so far”. Who his topping Kev’s list of potential Death Eaters? Why is Curious George an indication of Amanda’s academic failures? What’s Hagrid, ahem, bathroom arrangement? And what did Aberforth do to a goat? Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Weird, Castrated Morrissey (Book 4, Chapters 21-23)

It’s time for The Yule Ball and The Wilsons are reliving the terror of asking your crush to a dance and voicing support for body modification, Botox, and Carole Baskin’s Skrewt Farm. Who did Kev initially think Hermione was taking to the Ball? What has him worried about Crouch? And what exactly was happening in those rose bushes? Plus, a brand new weekly segment makes its debut! Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)