The Ego Tree and The Ego Apple (Book 5, Chapter 28)

There are defining moments in every young man's life- first kisses, new friends, overcoming fears, and learning that your dead dad was a really huge asshole at 15. This week, The Wilsons are diving into the uncomfortable void of Snape's memories and cringing right along with our young hero. Plus, Umbridge is terrible at interrogation, Hogwarts has become a horrifying den of child abuse (or at least, more of one), and Amanda giggles at the word 'poo'. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Horse Pants (Book 5, Chapter 27)

Kids, get in here. The time has come for Ma and Pa to have a talk about Hermione. Look- it's not that we don't love our favorite curly-haired, blackmailing, hunger-striking child genius. It's just that we find her recent tactics a little bit...well...FREAKING TERRIFYING. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

We're Havin' A Party, F*ck The Dark Lord (Book 5, Chapter 26)

Rita Skeeter's (*ahem* unpaid, see last week's episode) work is done and Harry's a bona fide Quibbler cover story! Besides the obvious deep dives into Harry's dreams, your hosts are also talking Harry/Voldemort rap battles, revisiting the age-old "is sorting a good idea?" debate (it's not), and discussing how hindsight in adulthood is really just your inner Hermione. Plus: Amanda's bad at fractions, "Tony, Tony, look at me I'm a-driving" returns, and Firenze is back and hotter than ever. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

We're Both Orphans! (Book 5, Chapter 25)

In honor of Valentine’s Day in the Wizarding World, The Wilsons are having some good old fashioned married-people fights! Round 1: Amanda vs Kev in The Battle of Madame Puddifoots! Round 2: Amanda vs Kev in The Battle of Fair Wages for Rita Skeeter! Plus: more incredibly mature poop jokes, The Beatles, and the finer points of cooking sherry. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Mental Dam (Book 5, Chapter 24)

It’s time for Occlumency lessons, and it may be late but it’s still chock full of Snape-hating, literary interpretation, and inappropriate penetration jokes! Join the Wilsons as they talk meditation, terrible Netflix shows that Kevin loves, and Amanda’s 42-hour insomnia. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Short Delay This Week!

Listen up! This week's episode is still coming your way this week- just a day or two later than normal. Keep an eye on social media and your favorite podcast source for when it drops! Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

It's British Christmas! (Book 5, Chapter 23)

It’s that special time of year we all know and love- softly-falling snow, biscuits in the oven, fairy lights gently twinkling all around. The kind of season in which wishes come true and nothing could possibly go wrong. Join us this week as we tiptoe into Yon Olde English Yuletide with The Boy Who Lived and his mates- watch as he obsesses for days about whether or not he’s actively being possessed, chuckle bemusedly as his loose-cannon godfather makes up deranged carols, and delight as our ragtag group of so-and-sos run into school friends whose parents were tortured into insanity. Ahhh Christmas. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Ginny and The Jets (Book 5, Chapter 22)

Flashback to Election Night 2020, and The Wilsons were distracting themselves by tackling the next chapter in Order of The Phoenix . And considering copious amounts of bourbon were involved, things got a bit weird. What are strip clubs called in the Wizarding World? Did Kev think Arthur Weasley was going to die? And who’s the biggest Elliott Smith fan: Lupin or Sirius? Plus: Phyllis Diller, Crocs, and The Softer Side of SEARS. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Karkus the Gurg (Book 5, Chapters 20-21)

Giants? Giants! This week, Kev finally got to learn a bit about the larger members of the Wizarding World, and has emerged with at least three new metal band names. With Hagrid’s head wound somehow still bleeding and Hermione’s very good advice once again dismissed, The Wilsons are tackling anger tears, the very improperly-named Forbidden Forest, kissing (oh my!), and an incredibly troubling cliffhanger. Plus: the time Kev got held by his ankles by an actual giant, a Bear zoo, Amanda is Neville, and much more. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

You Need To Find An Adult (Book 5, Chapters 18-19)

It’s the first meeting of Dumbledore’s Army, the Quidditch pitch is getting a little bloody, and Ron is having a nervous breakdown. In addition to Kev’s stirring rendition of “Weasley Is Our King”, The Wilsons are covering the burning (and in some cases very sore) questions we’re all asking ourselves this week: What moment has fully solidified Umbridge’s totalitarian regime? Where exactly are the twins’ exploding boils? Why does Kev not trust Dobby? And can Dumbledore, in fact, control his bowels? Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

I Love The Smell Of Wizard Boys In The Morning (Book 5, Chapters 16-17)

After taking a week off to celebrate their first anniversary of wedded bliss, your hosts are diving right back into Order of The Phoenix and already fighting- this time about Harry’s work ethic as a student. Kev has some questions about the physics of Vanishing Spells, Amanda is upset about kittens, someone is sniffing someone’s bum (sigh), and Kev thinks two members of the Hogwarts staff might be secretly dating. Plus: Sex and the Country, the return of Cookie Monster Krum, and early voting energy. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Anniversary Minisode- More Questions for You!

While The Wilsons celebrate their first anniversary, they have some burning questions for you! Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Spooky Horse (Book 5, Chapters 14-15)

Tension is about as thick in the walls of Hogwarts as whatever potion Neville is probably screwing up at the moment, and while the Wilsons think they know the main cause (clears her throat a lot, is the literal worst), they also have a few stern words for people not named Umbridge. Plus, Amanda has important questions for Dean Thomas and complicated feelings about Sirius, Kev is already burnt-out on Quidditch, and your hosts are celebrating The Savage that is an observed Minerva McGonagall. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Trash Hats (Book 5, Chapter 13)

It’s time for detention with Dolores and her cat plates, and Kev has a few thoughts on her particular brand of punishment. And with Hermione trying to trick the house elves into freedom through knitting, The Wilsons see parallels to activism that’s all passion and no plan. Plus- Billy Zane, Amanda's tirade about telling women to “calm down”, Kev’s Malfoy voice, and (sigh) 50 Shades of Umbridge. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

THIS B*tch (Book 5, Chapters 11-12)

Classes have started, Harry is having a BAD TIME, and Amanda and Kev are ready to diss some mommas, brew some benzos in Potions class, and discuss the propping up of the patriarchy by women who talk like children. Also: the sheer audacity of gatekeeping, boiled peanuts, biscuits, and Kev goes full QAnon about Umbridge. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Harry Sees Dead People (Book 5, Chapter 10)

We’re making a new friend this week as Kev meets Luna Lovegood for the first time. What can we learn from her (incredibly blunt) truth-telling? Amanda has some thoughts. Plus: The Wilsons analyze Harry’s dreams, why The Chosen One might actually be living in Steven King’s universe, Amanda’s pick for loser this week makes Kev mad, and MarioKart. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Sullenly Sirius (Book 5, Chapter 9)

This week, it’s all Prefects and Dead Children- or visions of dead children at least. Join Kev and Amanda as they awkwardly side-step their way out of the Ministry and jump straight into Harry’s angsty thoughts. Who does Kev see as walking parallel paths at this point in the series? Why are Dumbledore, Cornelius, and Eric the new Schuyler Sisters? And when can you expect the debut album from Tears With Buckbeak ? Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)

Defund The Ministry (Book 5, Chapters 7-8)

This week, your hosts are leaving the “comfort” of Grimmauld Place and heading to the Ministry of Magic for Harry’s incredibly extra trial. Besides Madame Bones’s monocle and Dumbledore’s Flex-a-thon, The Wilsons are talking Wizarding patriarchy, crooked-ass Fudge, and Mick Jagger’s moves. Support the show (http://patreon.com/thefoxandthefoxhound)