Potterheads Unite!

A must listen for all wizarding fans that could never get their muggle partners to join them!

The one of my favorite podcasts

I listen to the podcast while I’m at work and have had a great time following along as the hosts discuss each chapters and go on fun tangents about their lives. I look forward to their bad dad jokes each episode. Excited for the next book, number six is my least favorite of the series but I have a feeling they will change my mind.


A fabulous potter podcast. I love that the hosts are husband and wife. I also love the way she is guiding him through the series. They have a great potter chemistry and this is one of my favorite podcasts. I just found it a couple of weeks ago and I’m already on book 3. Nice job guys.

Unbelievable concept!

Absolutely adore this pod!!! Stumbled upon it a few days ago and it completely reignited my love for Harry Potter. Love love love this show!!

Love it

This podcast has allowed me to re-experience the magic of Harry Potter all over again through the eyes of a new reader!! You guys are awesome. J


It’s a hidden gym! This is a must add! Love the detail the hosts dive into! The breakdown and entertainment is stunning! Loved every minute! The host have amazing energy and chemistry and are engaging with the audience! If you don’t add your obviously a death eater. #ravenclaws4thewin

Top Notch

I love this HP podcast, it’s by far one of the best ones I’ve listened to. Hosts are unbelievable, and Kev’s new reader insight is awesome and often makes me look at the story in a different way. 10/10 would highly recommend for any HP fan, or anyone new to the story.

Favorite Podcast

I love this podcast so much! It never fails to brighten my day. The insights Kev and Amanda have on this series and the writing are incredible. I listened to a similar podcast a while ago but had to stop because it was so negative. These two are a breath of fresh air and offer incredible life (marriage) lessons every week.

Engaging (engaged) with these two!

So... full disclosure, I know and love both of these people, Amanda and Kevin. Not only is this podcast an amazing journey between two people who I love, who are in love, they love what they’re doing! Their brand of humor, sincerity and wit are to be recommended, you won’t be sorry.

Refreshing & Entertaining

Definitely not your average HP podcast. One of the hosts is reading HP for the first time ever! It’s ultra interesting to hear someone’s thoughts about HP when they’re able to apply their adult life experiences to the books without childhood blinders on. I love that the hosts are pulling love & marriage lessons out of the books each week and sharing them with the audience. This podcast is definitely worth a listen!