May 25, 2021

Where Ya Going Tonight, Frank? (Book 6, Chapter 13)

Where Ya Going Tonight, Frank? (Book 6, Chapter 13)

The Wilsons are diving back into The Pensieve to meet the creepy-AF child that is 11 year-old Tommy Riddle. Naturally, this means they're talking about everything from The Bad Seed to Lil Nas X. Plus, diagnosing Antisocial Personality Disorder, Patronus Moment tears, and foils vs. antagonists. 

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Extra jam-packed show notes this week!

Here's a great (spoiler-free) YouTube video to compel you all to watch this fantastic show:

If you are a fan of beautiful things (and who isn't really), do yourself a favor and check out Lifted Millinery. Katie is the artist and owner (and a Fizzing Whizzbee patron!) and is oozing talent. Just look at this!:

The movies about creepy kids we referenced:

The Omen

The Bad Seed

We Need To Talk About Kevin

The Good Son

Children of the Corn

The singer Kevin embodied (inexplicably) to voice young Tom Riddle is Till Lindemann

While we could fill weeks' worth of show notes with this discussion, this article is (in Amanda's opinion) the most condensed view of Antisocial Personality Disorder while still highlighting some of the issues surrounding the diagnosis. And here is an (admittedly much drier) academic article discussing ASPD in the DSM-V that gets a little bit deeper into the possible problems associated with assigning this diagnosis too freely. 

Here's the article about foils, villains, and antagonists that Amanda referenced. 

Stop and appreciate the beauty and majesty that is Grace Jones:

Here's just one of MANY strange Perry's Emporium commercials that have haunted Wilmington's televisions over the years:

And finally, here's a Spotify playlist from the episode:


Marriage Lessons: