Dec. 6, 2022

Shook: The Wilsons Take Harry Potter Quizzes

Shook: The Wilsons Take Harry Potter Quizzes

This week, we're revealing the deepest inner workings of our Wizarding Souls- in the form of online quizzes. And some of the results are...surprising. Plus- ACEs follow-up!

Here's the iconic yogurt scene from Notting Hill:

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The Sherbet versus Sherbet Debate!

Monsters of Folk have only released one album as of the date of the episode, in 2009. It's fabulous. 

And here are the quizzes we took!

The Sporcle Top 200 Harry Potter Quiz (by the way, the three big ones we forgot were Trelawney, Bagman, and Pettigrew)

Which Harry Potter Character Would Be Your BFF at Hogwarts?

Let Professor Trelawney Predict Your Dismal Future

You'll Only Pass This "Harry Potter" Quiz If You Watched All The Movies AND Read All The Books

Which Marauder Are You?

And finally, the Time Sorting Quiz