June 1, 2021

Master of Psychology, Part 1 (Book 6, Chapter 14)

Master of Psychology, Part 1 (Book 6, Chapter 14)

Since 50% of The Wilsons will be traveling this week, one jumbo episode becomes FFH's second-ever two-parter (hopefully with fewer tears than the last one). This week, Felix Felicis is in the hot seat and the tough questions are being asked: What highly suggestive phrase most definitely changed for the US versions of the books? Is there anything more intense than teenage male jealousy? And is Ron, in fact, and incel?

Note that since this is a two-part episode the usual later segments (Prophecy, Hedwig's Digital Get-Down, Marriage Lessons, etc.) will be in Part 2. 

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As promised, The Gottman Institute is a fantastic resource. On the site, you'll find quizzes, research, and a ton of resources to help you better communicate as a partner and/or parent. These two are incredibly highly-respected in the field of psychology! 


And yes, it's Miracle on 34th Street.