Feb. 8, 2022

I've Got A Blank Space, Baby (Book 7, Chapter 20)

I've Got A Blank Space, Baby (Book 7, Chapter 20)

This week the gang goes on a field trip to see a disheveled Xeno Lovegood, and Kev feels like something isn't quite right. Ron makes a surprising turnaround and the Hermione lovefest The Wilsons have been a part of recently is waning a bit. Plus, JJ Bittenbinder, the live-action Beauty and The Beast, and alternate timeline afterlife theories! 

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Here is an excellent article about Biocentrism, which is the theory that when we die our consciousness starts over in another dimension or universe. It's a great read.

Here is the original "Who's coming with me?" scene from Jerry McGuire, followed by the play on it from Half-Baked (btw f*ck Dave Chappelle):



Marriage Lessons: