April 20, 2021

I Mean, I'm The F*cking Chosen One (Book 6, Chapters 5-6)

I Mean, I'm The F*cking Chosen One (Book 6, Chapters 5-6)

It seems all Kev needed to conquer two chapters for the first time this season was some of Molly Weasley's onion soup. This week, we're talking The Burrow, French Girls, and getting goosed by a Probity Probe. Plus: the Charmin Baby rumor, ring composition, and a visit from Draco MalKev!

Here’s the Key & Peele sketch referred to on the show

Amanda mistakenly stated that Book 5 was mirrored by Book 1 when discussing Ring Composition, it's actually Books 3 and 5 that are considered paired, then Books 6 and 2, and finally Books 7 and 1. On that note, here's the book about this we discussed (though it looks like it's no longer in print).

This is one of the god-awful beach stores we were talking about (they all look like this):

The Ani DiFranco song Kev quoted is called ‘32 Flavors’

Finally, we strangely couldn’t find anything about the identity of the Charmin Baby, but the Coppertone Baby is a woman called Cheri Irwin (decidedly not someone Amanda went to high school with), and the Morton Salt Girl wasn’t based on an actual child but was a drawing invented by the company’s ad agency!


Marriage Lessons: