May 23, 2023

I Ams Who I Ams: Parenthood in the Wizarding World

I Ams Who I Ams: Parenthood in the Wizarding World

What makes great parents? What parenting style is superior? Who are the good, bad, and most complicated parents in the Wizarding World? We may not have the answers to these unanswerable questions, but we've got lots of opinions- and some may surprise you. So gather all the HP mommy and daddy issues you can think of and join Ma and Pa Wilson for a chat, won't you?

Here's a great write-up that summarizes both Parenthood the movie and Parenthood the TV series. At the time of this writing, in the US the movie Parenthood is available for rent on all major streaming services but doesn't appear to be streaming for free anywhere. Parenthood the series, however, is available to stream for subscribers on Peacock.

Here's more info from the National Institute of Health about the four parenting styles discussed in the episode. This is also a helpful graphic representation:

Here are some of the best scenes with the parents in Easy A:

And this is a super interesting read about the 8 common roles taken on by the members of a dysfunctional family.

These show notes wouldn't be complete without the 'Get Off The Shed' SNL sketch:

And finally, more to read about White Gladis, the killer whale currently wreaking havoc on sailors off the Iberian coast (and Amanda's new personal savior).