Nov. 1, 2022

Hurt People Hurt People: The Deep Dive on Severus Snape

Hurt People Hurt People: The Deep Dive on Severus Snape

In our first character deep dive, we're jumping straight into the deep end and tackling the most polarizing character in the Harry Potter universe- Severus Snape. Is the whole Snape/Lily thing romantic or creepy? Is there any way in which Snape is actually a decent teacher? We do our level best to see both sides of the eternal Snape argument- difficult.

Here are the two articles referenced in the episode:

Severus Snape Does Not Deserve Your Pity, by Emmet Asher-Perrin

What Loving Severus Snape Taught Me About Myself, by Jess Joho

It was the late Anne Heche who played Maggie Pistone, wife of Joe Pistone/Donnie Brasco.

The quote from Ted Lasso referenced in the show is when Ted tells Jamie that his father "was a lot harder on himself than he ever was on me", and it's from Season 2, Episode 1- "Goodbye, Earl". We couldn't find that exact scene to share here, but in the meantime here's a really great fan tribute video about the show to enjoy (TW: mention of suicide):

Here's a cool article about Survivorship Bias, also called Survivor Bias. 

Dr. Phil, or Phil McGraw, holds a PhD however does not have a license to practice psychology largely owing to a string of scandals that ultimately ended his licensure- whether it was revoked or willingly relinquished is unclear. You can read more about him here (TW: SA and this guy being a garbage human).

There is a place in Goldsboro, NC called Bevell's Pull It Yourself which, spelling difference aside, has provided numerous jokes with our friends Stephen and Heather Bevels over the years. 

And finally, please enjoy Paris Wilson's feelings about the beach: