Sept. 27, 2022

Episode of Requirement: Hot Wands!

Episode of Requirement: Hot Wands!

It's time for Hot Wands, the show with spicy spells and even spicier questions- and this season's Episode of Requirement! The Wilsons and Manager of Mischief Jay-Bay make their way through eight progressively hotter hot sauces while answering all manner of questions. How many unintentional innuendos are there when eating hot sauce? What method of spice relief actually worked? And how much of the two week break will Amanda, Kev, and Josh spend trying to regrow their tongues?

The sauce lineup:

1) Total Bullshit Hot Sauce (homemade, SCU unknown)

2) Casa Firelli Original Hot Sauce (SCU 3,000)

3) Williamson Bros Original Hot Sauce (SCU 4,000)

4) Kev's Homemade Roasted Green Chile and Muscadine Grape Sauce (homemade, SCU unknown)

5) Nando's Peri-Peri Hot Sauce (SCU 23,000)

6) CaJohn's Black Cherry Vanilla Hot Sauce (SCU 50,000)

7) Hellfire Fiery Fool (SCU 800,000)

8) Dave's Gourmet Ghost Pepper (SCU 1,000,000)