Jan. 24, 2023

Broom Impotence: Cursed Child Act I, Scenes 1-4

Broom Impotence: Cursed Child Act I, Scenes 1-4

The time has come to crack the spine of the truly weird Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. For this first installment, we're discussing the lead-up to Cursed Child's creation and setting up the main events by reading through Albus and Co.'s third year.

Not only does Cursed Child not have a live orchestra, it also has no official composer!

Here are a couple of pictures from Amanda's trip (which was December 2018, not 2017):

This is a great Frou Frou song, and this is of course the seminal Hide and Seek (aka Mmm whatcha say) from Imogen Heap.

Speaking of music, You can listen to each of the three bands Kevin mentioned by clicking their names below:

Street Clones (lead by none other than our good friend John, of "hey John" fame)

Occult Fracture

Creekwood Adjacent

Finally, here is some further reading used to research this episode:

JKR's involvement in the writing of Cursed Child

Wikipedia: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child