Feb. 7, 2023

8 Legs, 1 Heart: The Future of Wizarding World Screen Adaptations

8 Legs, 1 Heart: The Future of Wizarding World Screen Adaptations

In this week's bourbon-fueled episode, we're exploring the current goings-on with Wizarding World screen adaptations, including the doomed(?) Fantastic Beasts franchise, and pitching our own ideas for future projects. Plus: Amanda's Muppet problem, a Harry Potter musical (please no), and Crikey! It's the Crocodile Hunter!

Here is the article mentioned in our discussion about the future of Fantastic Beasts, and here is the fairly sus article about Disney being "in talks" to purchase the Wizarding World IP. 

By the way, Warner Brothers and Universal are, in fact, two different studios. What we gather is that Warner Brothers owns the rights to the Harry Potter film franchise specifically, while Universal only has claim to the theme park side of the equation? We're still confused. 

Here is a clip from Mike Birbiglia's What I Should Have Said Was Nothing, where the phrase "I know, I'm in the future also" comes from. If you haven't seen the full special, you should check it out- it's one of the best stand-up specials in existence (at least in our opinion):

The definition of sycophant is "a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage"

The term for the inner language of a family is "familiolect"

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Here is Kevin's "Taylor Swift Plaid"?

And finally, here is Katie Allen's beautiful hat business, and as a bonus, another of our long-time patrons- the lovely Christy Grantham- is pictured below modeling the accessory "Frida":