April 20, 2021

Show Notes: "I Mean, I'm The F*cking Chosen One"

Show Notes: "I Mean, I'm The F*cking Chosen One"
  • Here’s the Key & Peele sketch referred to on the show
  • Amanda mistakenly stated that Book 5 was mirrored by Book 1 when discussing Ring Composition, it's actually Books 3 and 5 that are considered paired, then Books 6 and 2, and finally Books 7 and 1. On that note, here's the book about this we discussed (though it looks like it's no longer in print).
  • This is one of the god-awful beach stores we were talking about (they all look like this):

  • The Ani DiFranco song Kev quoted is called ‘32 Flavors’
  • Finally, we strangely couldn’t find anything about the identity of the Charmin Baby, but the Coppertone Baby is a woman called Cheri Irwin (decidedly not someone Amanda went to high school with), and the Morton Salt Girl wasn’t based on an actual child but was a drawing invented by the company’s ad agency!